Sunday, March 21, 2010

America Is Officially Over. We Are Now Western Europe

The Joke is on you America...

With the rammed through passage of Obamacare we can welcome ourselves to government mandated mediocrity. That's right we are now Western Europe.. We have been stripped of our freedom on a grand scale. I'm not sure this was stoppable. We only had the power to slow it down. We did all we could. Now we must wait for November and clean house literally. And even then I don't know if we can overturn any of this. Here's what you can do.. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN OFTEN Be polite. But let them know that if they voted for this bill they are gone in November. Maybe if we show our teeth a little we can avoid a full on revolution later on.. no one wants that. We just want them to leave and leave soon.

Welcome to Socialism. Welcome to the end.

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