Tuesday, March 09, 2010

5 Reasons To Visit Thoughts And Conditions

Thoughts and Conditions
* He only blogs once every 4 months.. so if you aren't much of a reader, this is the blog for you. Also it's like the Olympics, the wait is long but the payoff is spectacular.

* I know this guy, so he is cool by proxy.

* He is the founder of the TAADD Foundation. TAADD is Teens Advocating Against Domestic Disputes. They make open hands, not closed fists. They do good work in the greater Wichita area. Make sure to get your TAADD card today.

* He blogs a lot about Weezer because Weezer rocks (or at least they used to). The little secret is that he didn't even like Weezer until I, yes I forced him to like them. At least that's how I remember it.

* I have 3 regular readers of my blog, and he has 2 regular reader of his blog. So if we combine forces we will be a blogging powerhouse, an unstoppable force with as many as 5 regular readers. We will change the world... probably for the worse, but still.. CHANGE!!!

Whatever, Just go read it.

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