Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Overrated Bands And Musicians

Cover of "Blonde on Blonde"Cover of Blonde on Blonde

A quick look at 5 bands or musicians that I think just don't live up to their massive hype.

1. U2 -- This is a band that has rabid fans. Being a fan of U2 is usually a result of ones college days when it's brainwashed into you by fraternities and overzealous roommates. However if you just sit down and listen to the actual music, the melodies just aren't that memorable and in fact are pretty bland. And also Bono has one of the worst whines in the industry.

2.The Rolling Stones -- Not much to say here. They have some really good tunes. Some of their songs I really enjoy. But to call them the quintessential rock band is pushing it. It's one of those bands where they have tons of albums but only a 10 song CD should be enough to carry their greatest hits, yet to listen to the critics you'd think that every song they made was gold. They haven't quit touring either which is disconcerting. Seeing men in their late 60's still rockin out seems kind of sad in a way.

3. Bob Dylan -- I could go on and on here. Bob Dylan is one of those artists that is hyped by snobby, condescending critics. I have tried to like Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde, because I was told by the critics that these are THE greatest albums in history.. so I put in my player and I can't make it through 4 or 5 tracks. It's lousy. And the dude has like 80 albums.. and out of all of those there are maybe 5 good Dylan songs. Way overrated!

4. Leonard Cohen -- I know that most people have not heard of Leonard Cohen. However if you have ever picked up a Rolling Stone or Blender Magazine, or looked at then you would think that this man is god himself. I HAD to check it out because all I had read about him was that he was one of the greatest songwriters of all time. But the second I put any one of his albums on I wanted to shoot my ears off with a 12 gage. He might have written good songs, but you wouldn't know it because he is also one of the worst singers in history. He holds a tune even worse than Bob Dylan, and that's not great at all.

5. The White Stripes -- It's just bad rock-n-roll. I don't want to relive the 70's garage band stuff. But again Rolling Stone Magazine and seem to think they are the only thing worth writing about. Jack White is not a great guitarist or singer, and Meg White is a horrible drummer.. So why they are consistently hyped is anyone's guess.

HONORABLE MENTION: Radiohead. 95% of the time they are terrible, yet they have rabid fans.

That was fun. I hope that makes everyone mad! Yay!!

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Matthew Avitabile said...

Agree with #3 wholeheartedly

Anonymous said...

All the people/bands you mentioned are overrated including the ones I enjoy.

I would put Rolling Stones as number one.

I would also add KISS. I loved them when I was a kid - starting at 4 years old. But at some point you grow up and realize their music sucks, especially the lyrics.

East Camus said...

Nobody ever said Bob is That good a musician or a singer, his voice isn't really Good, but Listen to the LYRICS!
It's Alright Ma (I'm only Bleeding)- I DARE You to find me better lyrics than that, not from Bob, but anyone else!

Fay said...

Just a random passer-by mate but you've got it totally wrong with Dylan's 'Highway 61 Revisited', I ain't a high class snob if anything I'm light years away from that but I know my music & that album is one of the few I'd rate as flawless & well written. Dylan's early stuff up til the 'Blood on the Tracks' era is far from overrated, everything after that is overrated though mainly because of the respect & fame he had earned earlier.
The Rolling Stones definately overrated.
Leonard Cohen too, as for U2 I'm Irish & can't stand Bono but there's no doubting a lot of their early stuff is very good, 'No memorable songs'??? How's about 'When Love comes to Town'? 'In the name of Love'? 'With or without you'? 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'?I could go on... But still they are extremely overrated by critics & the media.
And The White Stripes were never overrated, they were just about right, and your comment about Jack White's guitar skills is redundant mate, go sort your ears & heart out with 'Ball & Biscuit', 'Icky Thump', 'Blue Orchid' and 'Seven Nation Army' (of course!), and Meg White isn't a bad drummer at all, I'll leave it at that....
No wait! Radiohead arn't a bad band either! Prehaps overrated but in no way as annoyingly as U2. Now I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

You sir, are an idiot.

Lemme guess, you think Lady Gaga is the greatest thing to ever happen to music?

You obviously don't have the intelligence to enjoy Dylan. The Stones ARE the best BAND to ever exist.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you on all them!

Anonymous said...

I just tried Leonard Cohen's song "Suzanne," and I found it bland and monotonous. I don't know much about Cohen, but he is a critical favorite who just doesn't make it with me--so far (except for his song "Democracy.")

glenn said...

I don't know who I'm specifically replying to but i would wholeheartedly agree that U2 are dreadful and Bono, in particular,is an utter arsehole. However, I would take issue with the detractors of one of the finest poet/songwriters of the twentieth century. Anyone who finds Suzanne 'bland and monotonous' really needs to listen to the song again - many times. And then try 'Songs of love and hate'. Prepare to sharpen your cliches.... Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen is unbelievably overrated and there was a time when he was sinking, and rightfully so, into the land of musical footnotes. However the hipsters have attached themselves to him in a way that helps perpetuate the myth of genius. The thing is that very few of his fans can even name more than 3 of his songs - they don't want to risk not being one of the cognoscenti by admitting that they don't really know enough about him to render an informed opinion. So their default response is effusive sycophantic praise. Note I'm willing to hear opinions from someone who can demonstrate a well-worn familiarity with the Cohen catalogue but such people are so difficult to find. In fact I usually know much more about the Cohen than his average fan which is awkward because I'm a vocal critic of his work (such as it is). So his fans always mistake my knowledge of his work as being a sign of support. I've been hearing about Cohen since the 60s and have never found evidence of his so called genius or innovative work. Seems to me that the 60s crowd gave him props for his association with Warhol but never bothered to check the quality of his music thereafter.

Carpette said...

Cohen's songs and singing are so bad they make me laugh (at my husband who loves them).

ThisBlogisAButtholeClog! said...

Well, at least we don't have to hear any new Leonard Cohen albums now that he is a corpse!

celsus said...

Leonard Cohen: a failed poet who ran out of money so his agent told him to put on a funny hat and try singing his compositions aloud to crowds to see if he could get some cash that way. "But I can't sing a note!" he protested, yet his agent reassured him that he could just talk and moan his way through the poems and people would think it was all some sort of 'artistic statement.' He was a handy object of enthusiasm for people who wanted to think of themselves as appreciating poetry but didn't have the patience or skill to read Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

Number one and two are silly to suggest, that they are "overrated", when there is so much more garbage out there. You miss the mark badly there. Never heard of number Five, so I'll give it a pass. But number three and four are spot on. Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, what a joke. Zero talent all around. But the reason these two schmucks are overrated, no one in the industry has the courage to admit.