Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best Quotes Of The Week So Far

* "This has never, ever, ever happened before -- even at the stupidest American university," -- Ann Coulter
After protesters at the University of Ottawa prevented her from giving a speech Tuesday night.

* Fan Comment: "Every morning I wake up and find Obama is still my president I get a warm tingly feeling...oh wait, I'm incontinent, nevermind!" DM Says: "Don’t worry, Obamacare will treat incontinency, grant it you will be taxed up the wazoo. And an overtaxed wazoo will unfortunately make you incontinent again. -- Dennis Miller

* "President Obama says he plans to travel to Iowa to explain how his health care plan "will lower costs for small businesses and American families and give them more control over their health care." Why not save time and just tell them "whatever you do, don't actually read the stupid thing"?" -- Fred Thompson

Sunday, March 21, 2010

America Is Officially Over. We Are Now Western Europe

The Joke is on you America...

With the rammed through passage of Obamacare we can welcome ourselves to government mandated mediocrity. That's right we are now Western Europe.. We have been stripped of our freedom on a grand scale. I'm not sure this was stoppable. We only had the power to slow it down. We did all we could. Now we must wait for November and clean house literally. And even then I don't know if we can overturn any of this. Here's what you can do.. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN OFTEN Be polite. But let them know that if they voted for this bill they are gone in November. Maybe if we show our teeth a little we can avoid a full on revolution later on.. no one wants that. We just want them to leave and leave soon.

Welcome to Socialism. Welcome to the end.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Facts

* I just want to get rich enough that instead of having a limo driver I could just call 911 and have an ambulance drive me to my destination.

* I'm confused about the Flintstones.. Were they living in modern times as people from the stone age or were they living in the stone age as a modern family? "They're a modern stone age family..." left a lot of confusion.

* When I played in the NBA we used to have a saying "Hey, let's just go out there and have fun." But now it's changed, now all they care about is winning. I'm so glad I got out of there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Best Of Fred Thompson's Facebook Status Updates

Fred Thompson is my new quotable hero...

  • Toyota is questioning the accuracy of a California driver's story about his out-of-control Prius. They probably got suspicious when the driver said "I stomped on the brake pedal - you know... the long skinny one".
  • President Obama said he wants to overhaul the immigration system. Knowing Obama, it's probably just another crazy entitlement scheme to give everyone in America a free illegal immigrant
  • The IRS visited a carwash in Sacramento because the owner was 4 cents short in paying his taxes. Poor guy. With a piddling little violation like that, he'll never be able to get a job in Obama's cabinet.
  • During a speech on health care, President Obama said "I don't accept business as usual". What... you mean "profitable"?
  • In a recent speech, President Obama bravely announced that he's opposed to waste, fraud, and abuse. I'm guessing his next risky position will be denouncing cornflakes that don't stay crunchy in milk.
  • To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gasses, the government would have to tax gasoline until it cost $7 a gallon. I think Obama would have a real problem doing this. And by "this", I mean "keeping the tax hike that low."
  • Gun rights advocates have held "open carry" meet-ups at Starbucks stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has angered gun control advocates. Actually, not angered so much as embarrassed to discover that the Bill of Rights didn't stop after the First Amendment.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Want ObamaCare? You Have To Watch This First...

This is must watch for liberals that believe the propaganda that Canada has a great "free" health care system.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun Facts

* I want to leave a HUGE carbon footprint. I want people in the future to know Aaron has been here. I don't even recycle. In fact I will take my neighbors garbage and dump it into the sewer in hopes it gets into the water supply somehow.

* I have a feeling Phoenix University Online is going to make a surprise show in the Final Four this year. They have a wicked 3 pointer if they hit the buttons fast enough.

* The ratings for the Winter Olympics would skyrocket if they added the Snowball Fight as an official event.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Overrated Bands And Musicians

Cover of "Blonde on Blonde"Cover of Blonde on Blonde

A quick look at 5 bands or musicians that I think just don't live up to their massive hype.

1. U2 -- This is a band that has rabid fans. Being a fan of U2 is usually a result of ones college days when it's brainwashed into you by fraternities and overzealous roommates. However if you just sit down and listen to the actual music, the melodies just aren't that memorable and in fact are pretty bland. And also Bono has one of the worst whines in the industry.

2.The Rolling Stones -- Not much to say here. They have some really good tunes. Some of their songs I really enjoy. But to call them the quintessential rock band is pushing it. It's one of those bands where they have tons of albums but only a 10 song CD should be enough to carry their greatest hits, yet to listen to the critics you'd think that every song they made was gold. They haven't quit touring either which is disconcerting. Seeing men in their late 60's still rockin out seems kind of sad in a way.

3. Bob Dylan -- I could go on and on here. Bob Dylan is one of those artists that is hyped by snobby, condescending critics. I have tried to like Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde, because I was told by the critics that these are THE greatest albums in history.. so I put in my player and I can't make it through 4 or 5 tracks. It's lousy. And the dude has like 80 albums.. and out of all of those there are maybe 5 good Dylan songs. Way overrated!

4. Leonard Cohen -- I know that most people have not heard of Leonard Cohen. However if you have ever picked up a Rolling Stone or Blender Magazine, or looked at then you would think that this man is god himself. I HAD to check it out because all I had read about him was that he was one of the greatest songwriters of all time. But the second I put any one of his albums on I wanted to shoot my ears off with a 12 gage. He might have written good songs, but you wouldn't know it because he is also one of the worst singers in history. He holds a tune even worse than Bob Dylan, and that's not great at all.

5. The White Stripes -- It's just bad rock-n-roll. I don't want to relive the 70's garage band stuff. But again Rolling Stone Magazine and seem to think they are the only thing worth writing about. Jack White is not a great guitarist or singer, and Meg White is a horrible drummer.. So why they are consistently hyped is anyone's guess.

HONORABLE MENTION: Radiohead. 95% of the time they are terrible, yet they have rabid fans.

That was fun. I hope that makes everyone mad! Yay!!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

5 Reasons To Visit Thoughts And Conditions

Thoughts and Conditions
* He only blogs once every 4 months.. so if you aren't much of a reader, this is the blog for you. Also it's like the Olympics, the wait is long but the payoff is spectacular.

* I know this guy, so he is cool by proxy.

* He is the founder of the TAADD Foundation. TAADD is Teens Advocating Against Domestic Disputes. They make open hands, not closed fists. They do good work in the greater Wichita area. Make sure to get your TAADD card today.

* He blogs a lot about Weezer because Weezer rocks (or at least they used to). The little secret is that he didn't even like Weezer until I, yes I forced him to like them. At least that's how I remember it.

* I have 3 regular readers of my blog, and he has 2 regular reader of his blog. So if we combine forces we will be a blogging powerhouse, an unstoppable force with as many as 5 regular readers. We will change the world... probably for the worse, but still.. CHANGE!!!

Whatever, Just go read it.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Asian girl gets waaaay too excited about stacking cups.

When did I lose that kind of passion for doing something so insignificant?

Friday, March 05, 2010

We Are All To Blame For The Economic Collapse

* We are all to blame for the erosion of American economic dominance. Every single one of us have purchased things we can't afford. We need to go back the days where when you ran out of money you ran out of the ability to purchase.

* No one is to blame but ourselves for upside mortgages and foreclosures.. You signed on the dotted line and you knew the consequences. You chose to move out of that apartment and buy a house. The bank cannot force you to sign.

* Credit card companies and lenders are predators for sure. But when you walk onto a college campus and sign up for a credit card because they are offering free t-shirts.. trust me, you are very much to blame.

* The reason we don't hold Washington D.C. to "Pay-as-you-go" is because we don't do it ourselves.

Let's face it.. our eyes got bigger than our wallets and now it is time to pay the piper.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Cool Report: The Redundant Clock

I don't know where to buy it, or if you even can. (It may just be a photoshop) But I think it's a cool postmodern idea on the boring clock.