Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Uncool Report: The iPad

Steve Jobs from Apple always comes out and makes it sound like he's about to announce the cure for cancer. This week he came out to announce the iPad which is Apples new "tablet". Why is it uncool? It's a basically just a either a big iPod or a small Notebook. Supposedly it's going to make watching movies or reading books much easier than just having an iPod. The problem is that most people that would buy this thing already have a laptop which would do all of that. If their laptop is too big to take somewhere then they probably aren't going to go with something just slightly smaller then their laptop. They will probably go with something that fits in the palm of their hand, like an iPod.
So for all the fanfare that Steve Jobs put us through last week he really didn't show us anything new at all. It seems to me like not every single idea they come out with needs breaking news press coverage. I really think Microsoft and Apple are so bent on trying to one-up each other that they have lost sight of innovation. And even more annoying are customers who are so loyal to one or the other that they will commit wholesale murder if you mention why you prefer one over the other.
All I really need is a Sony Walkman and my Zubaz pants!

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