Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scott Brown = The Next John McCain?

He claimed he was going to go in and change the way Washington works. Instead Scott Brown, who was elected last month to take over the seat formerly held by Teddy Kennedy, went in and almost immediately voted with democrats on a liberal jobs bill that even democrats admit is not going to do much. And as usual there is pork packed into the bill. Democrats are praising him for his vote. I don't believe that Scott Brown ever claimed to be an uber-conservative or anything like that, however, this is hardly anything other than business as usual in Washington. It's a do-nothing bill, passed by elitist snobs who are only trying to get reelected and couldn't give a rip about the actual progress of economy or the Constitution.
This is just like John McCain.. He is a conservative when he needs to be, but his voting record and his comments speak otherwise.
We need someone to go into Washington who is a true conservative, who believes in the military going over and dismantling our enemies, and who isn't going to stick his finger in the air to test which way the wind is blowing before he or she votes.


Anonymous said...
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Matthew Avitabile said...

J-Dawg is awesome