Sunday, February 07, 2010

Obama Is Going To Pay For My Mortgage!

Remember this?

This is Peggy Joseph who revealed two things that got Obama elected. One was blatantly false. One is sadly true...
1. Obama is going to pay her gas and mortgage.
This speaks for itself.. However people actually believed this one! Remember that Liberals only get elected on lies. If they told the truth about what they were going to do once they got elected they'd be run out of town. Peggy Joseph was so excited about a socialist black man getting elected that she spewed out the infamous statements. And don't get me wrong. I want black people to be presidents, I want them to lead me and to guide me.. But like any other human being, no matter their color, they have to really care for their country. And they have to appreciate the sacrifice of people of all colors that led us to this greatness.
2. If she helps him, he's going to help her.
This is a scary but true fact about liberals. If you play ball, you can get special favors. I experienced this first hand when I briefly joined the union at my last job. The two months that I paid my union dues they would ask me how I was doing and if I needed anything. They invited me to go to special events.
Then they went on strike. I immediately left the union. I knew they were a bunch of liberals, but I didn't know the hate that was going to be spewed on me the second I left "the brotherhood". I crossed the picket line and that was all she wrote. One guy told me he "was going to be waiting by my car in the parking lot." (He never showed up, which is another liberal trait...all talk) I had just started with the company yet I was a "heartless loser scab." I made so many enemies even though most of them I didn't work with, or had even spoken to. Some of them still don't talk to me if I ever see them. And long story short.. the union stayed on strike for almost 4 weeks, and the minor minor addition to their benefits that they received in the final outcome of the contract negotiation equaled a tiny fraction of the pay they lost in those 4 weeks on strike. It was hilarious. They were screaming "victory" because as one guy told me "the strike was only about a principal anyway." Funny how the landlord still wants to evict me when I go to pay my rent with my "principal".
The point is that liberals will tell you they will help you, as long as you think like them, act like them, and bend to their will. They will take you down with them, but at least you'll go down together.
So in conclusion, the lady in the video was half right. Hey 50% isn't too bad!

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