Friday, February 05, 2010

The Not-So-Slow Death Of The Free Market

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After World War II America was victorious and suddenly blessed with unprecedented growth. Unregulated Capitalism and democracy are the root cause of that growth. Since that time the vice has been clamped securely in place and the sky is falling. I had a deep conversation with several liberals this week and they told me that no matter what Barack Obama does, they would vote for him again. According to them George W. Bush is to blame for the current crisis because of his evil plan of "massive deregulation".
If only it were true that Bush deregulated corporations and businesses! You see the whole idea that Bush did this is a massive lie. In fact regulations grew under Bush.
That being said, Bush was no fiscal conservative, but he certainly didn't have his eyes set on regulating on a grand scale like our current president. Let's face it.. Under Bush the government didn't "own" any car companies. All of this took place in the one year under Obama.
That was year one. He has 3 more years to go after corporations, health care, and even small businesses. He is not interested in reform of these institutions, he is a wrecking ball, here to destroy America from within.
Something will eventually give. In Massachusetts we saw what happens when you start imposing governmental will on the American people.. I'm pretty sure that if democrats are left to do whatever they want by 2012 they will have a revolution on their hands.

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DeMo said...

aye aye aye. it's a little bit scary that all of this is happening in just one year. isn't he exhausted yet!?!

Aaroncoal said...

I know. You'd think growing the government would be tiring!