Saturday, January 02, 2010

Obama Is The Worst President In History

It's tough to decide that Obama is the worst president in history based on not even one full year.. However I think it's the only conclusion real Americans can come to. When I say "real" Americans, I mean people that actually like living here, love the freedom, appreciate this experiment in democracy.
But Obama represents some kind of strange idea that America is somehow bad for the world, so he has decided to take it down from the inside. Basically we got bamboozled. He sweet talked us. Then he walked into the Oval Office and started a very quick process of dismantling government programs that actually work (the military) and throwing trillions into government programs that will only give power to itself, and take it away from the people.(health care) Keep in mind that there is nothing in the constitution that gives a "right" to health care. And rightfully so. When you start forcing me to pay for my neighbors health care.. then you take away my power to help my neighbor myself. This is a nation where the poorest among us live like kings compared to other nations.. and yet somehow we want more. And now a huge majority of the populace is on the verge of starting a new revolution because of the loss of freedom. This is only year one. This is going to be a nasty 4 years. Obama IS the worst president in history.

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