Saturday, December 26, 2009

Real Facts About Truth

* Your heroes are all dead. Guaranteed. There will never be another Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, C.S. Lewis, or Jimmy Stewart. All we have are pandering, spineless actors and politicians that would sell their own mothers into slavery if the pay off was right. Makes me believe my Bible even more because this is exactly what Jesus said would happen. The emperor has no clothes and the ship is sinking.

* I work at a store that sells a well known product with one of the most famous founders and spokesman of all time. I have talked to that man himself who said his product would never be sold anywhere but small mom & pop stores and will always be made in the U.S.A. Well he no longer has any sway over the company decisions and every new product that comes out with our name on it is from China. And though the main product is still made in Tennessee, the parts are getting cheaper and less serviceable. This is the direction of 99% of all corporations in the U.S. America is done when it comes to the global economy. Just write it off. It's over. And why is it over? See the first asterisk in this post to find the answer.

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