Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Empty Out The Government

I have a dream... Politicians, all of them, I'm sick of them.. Republicans, Democrats and Independents. I want to end every one of their terms right now. I wish that we could start from scratch with a random set of every day Americans. The new set of Senators and Congressman can be black, white, red, Mexican-American, Catholic, Jew, Christian, Atheist, etc. The only requirement will be that they have families, or have held a steady job in the everyday workforce. They can be Republicans or Democrats or whatever.. But they need to be hardworking Americans who have earned their keep.
The same issues will come up with this new Congress.. however with new perspectives. No more lifelong Washington elites. These are people who have busted their backs in order to provide for their families.. some might be poor and some might have plenty but the same will hold true.. their salaries and benefits will be no more then that of a United States Postal Worker. Some of them might even need to get second jobs in order to still provide for their families. A Secret Service agent will be assigned to each and every member of this new Congress and that Secret Service agent has one job, to follow them around, read every email, every letter that they receive to ensure that no lobbyist contacts them or comes within 500 feet of the Capitol building or their personal homes.

That's right I have a dream of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.. If I remember correctly some other people had that same dream.

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