Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Rambling Manifesto

Chapter One

Society is sliding hopelessly down hill. It was happening long before Barack Husein Obama took office. He is only a product of the slide. Who can possibly pinpoint when we took a turn for the worst? Well that's not entirely true.. shortly after God created Adam and Eve we all started slowly dying before we were even born.

But skip that and think about our current state. It's pretty much a loveless society. There is real love and goodness out there but these days it's about the 8th story on the newscast every night and half the time the person who did the good deed is on the news to tell the world about it. Real good deeds go untold. Neighbor helping neighbor really only takes place these days in very small towns, and very small towns don't make news.

We are told that we need this upcoming health care bill because poor people don't have access to health care. Which is true. But the health care bill is like trying to put out a fire by pouring leaves on it. It might initially allow some people to have access to a state run mediocre health care but eventually the fire will reemerge greater than before.

The reason? It has nothing to do with the evil of socialism. Socialism isn't inherently evil. Socialism simply neglects to factor in a fundamental truth which by nature renders every "ism" dead on arrival. And that is human nature. Why do you think that communism failed so miserably? It's because the founders of it were sinister in their attempt. No matter how hard they wanted to, they couldn't help but cling on to their stuff. We all LOVE stuff. And government forcing us to spread our stuff around doesn't somehow magically cause us to stop liking our own stuff.

We love our stuff. Barack Husein Obama, Mao Zedong, Linen, Stalin, and even Karl Marx all loved their stuff. But they also love controlling the flow of stuff.. Because if you control the flow of stuff you can cause people to be forced to rely on you to have any stuff whatsoever.. and that is true power.

So my rambling point is that society is hopelessly sliding down hill because we all love stuff.. and a select few of us loves stuff AND the power to control stuff.. and so we sit and wait for America, the world's greatest experiment in freedom, to die the slow death and fade into control and mediocrity. We cannot stop it.. it's too late.. We can only delay it.

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