Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Couple Of Observations...

* Some left wingers have stated that cops shouldn't be allowed to use tasers to subdue people. Some have said it is cruel and unusual, and also a few people have been killed by them. Do you realize if the left were allowed to take over and be in charge of this country that we would be overrun with misfits and criminals? I think every cop should have a taser and use it often.. If the taser kills someone then we dust ourselves off and move on. It clears up room in the prisons... so Bonus! And in the meantime on the show COPS we get to see the big muscle guy who thinks he's so bad flop around like a fish on the ground and then cry like a little girl. It's fantastic entertainment!

* Obama bowed in a sign of submission before the emperor of Japan. That must have been the thrill of his life. We all know how cool it meet someone who is a superior. Congrats Mr. President. Please note that the emperor did not reciprocate the gesture.. in fact rumor is the emperor leaned over after Obama stood back up and whispered "Wow, that just made you look pretty silly... nice one!"
George W. Bush never bowed.. in fact in front of the same emperor, rumor has it, he shook his hand and said "Hey just gotta say thanks for making the GameBoy.. keep cranking those things out!"

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