Monday, November 02, 2009

A Couple Of Observations...

Jay Leno in 2005Image via Wikipedia

* Jay Leno is kind of making me mad. He left the Tonight Show and handed the reins over to Conan. And then he pulls a Brett Favre and agrees to host a show before Conan that basically puts Conan back in the same situation he was in. The Tonight Show is the coveted spot and Leno seems to have trouble getting out of the way. Well now, Leno says if asked he would return to the Tonight Show. I don't think he realizes how unfunny his show was. The ratings were from elderly people that couldn't work their remote. Conan O'Brien is a great replacement and I think his ratings will go way up after Leno does the right thing and retires.

* David Letterman.. wow, what can I say. His shtick got old in about 1988 and yet somehow he has convinced them to draw that circus show out over decades. And now it turns out he is the old man pervert that lives next door. I think he and Leno should both retire and go around and work the nursing home circuit. Late night TV is no longer fun with these two geezers hanging around.

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Matthew Avitabile said...

Leno is funny
Letterman IS a joke