Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama: In Over His Head?

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Does anyone else notice that Obama seems to be unable to make hard decisions? I think this might be because before he was a senator for a very short amount of time, he was a community organizer and that gave him ZERO experience to command and lead. Which to me means that the president, whether he is democrat, republican, black, white, catholic, or muslim.. first needs to be a leader.
I would rather have a president that has pre-set beliefs that I disagreed with then someone who just flips a coin on important decisions.
I mean one day Obama is saying he will not bring the health care bill unless it has a public option.. then he says that the public option is not set in stone. He told us that Afghanistan is the real war, that was "his war" We should have never been in Iraq because Afghanistan was where the war made sense.. now when the generals are begging for more troops he is waffling and stalling..Mr. President.. either s*** or get off the pot. Go all in, or bring them home. You can't do this half way.
Also Obama told us all that his presidency was going to be the most transparent and open presidency in history.. Way off! They are going after anyone that opposes the propaganda machine. For a time they even put a gag order on Humana insurance for sending out info on why public insurance was a bad way to go. Humana is a private company. Freedom of Speech is the foundation of the entire constitution. We left England for the stupid antics that Obama and his "Czars" are giving us.
Say what you want about Bush. The man had a plan, even though it was widely unpopular, and he stuck with it. I admire that.

I think Obama is WAY in over his head and this will be a very trying 3 and a half years for our country.

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