Monday, October 26, 2009

Notes For Barack Hussein Obama

Just trying to do my part to help the president..

* On paper Socialism looks nice, it seems loving and humane. However you forget to calculate in the nature of the greed of mankind. It's built in. The reason you like socialism is because it transfers that greed to government and to those in charge of the government.. that would be you. With capitalism we have opportunity. Opportunity is what America was founded on. With Socialism our opportunity ends at the ceiling put in place by the massive oppressive government. With capitalism the sky is the limit.. and then WE as a nation have the chance to help our neighbors who are in need. When you stick the gun to our head and just take the money from us, it squashes any desire to go above and beyond to help those less fortunate. It's called government enforced mediocrity. We don't want that. And you can bet that in America before you get socialism enforced, you will have a 2nd revolution on your hands.

* Mr. President, remember when you told America that you were going to put high level government meetings and negotiations live on C-span. Well you aren't doing that. In fact from what I heard this may be the most secretive administration in the past 50 years. That doesn't bode well with the public. We hate lying more than anything.. and you see how your approval rating graph looks like a pretty fun ski slope? That's because people don't like having to read between the lines of what you say. We're tired of that.

* If a general in the military tells you he needs more troops, and you have ZERO war experience, or even basic cub scout training.. send the man more troops. Blood will be on your hands.

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