Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Death Of Reason And Common Sense

I am convinced that current events and the atmosphere of growing government tyranny are the birth pains of beginning of the end. If Obama passes this health care thing he isn't going to stop there. It's like a boa constrictor.. you wait for your prey to take a breath and then you tighten the grip as you slowly suck the life out of them. The government is tightening it's grip on the American people and I'm not fully sure why yet. This country is the greatest experiment in freedom in the history of existence.. so why are we allowing decisions in our life to be given to the whim of the elitist democrats and republicans that are in office?
I think the answer lies in our need to feel safe. We are no longer willing to fight and die to live free. We would rather give that up and live for another day. We want to die in our 90's with a fat retirement check.. And if we are allowed to fail then we might not be able to do that.. so we sell our soul to the government for another day in the safety net. The only cost is our freedom.

The revolution will be televised!

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