Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liberals Hate

So Letterman makes a joke about one of Sarah Palin's daughters being raped while in New York City. And of course it's a laugh riot to the liberal pundits.
Let me tell you something.. If you are a republican, never allow a liberal to say that you hate people or that we are a party of hate. Liberals have so much hatred in their heart.
Do you remember when Bush was president? There were books and even plays and movies about the assassination of the president. And the media was silent on it. Where is the love for human kind anymore? Sarah Palin's daughters had no choice but to be stuck out there in the spotlight. They go after her kids because they have trouble finding any reason to attack her personally. Her child got pregnant out of wedlock. So now she's fair game for rape jokes??
Liberals are supposedly humanitarians. We are supposed to believe, because this is what they tell us, that they love humans and this is what drives their ideology. Can you hear the buzzer go off in the background? Liberals don't love people, they don't love America, they don't love really anything but themselves. There is no God, no higher moral standard, so the alternative is to climb to the top while pushing everyone else down. It breeds hate!

Letterman's ratings are in the tank. So now anything he says whether good or bad is publicity for him. And if you've ever watched him in the past few years you know that he has slipped and fallen into the habit of pushing an almost ridiculous liberal opinion on his show. It's not fun to watch for the half of Americans watching who don't necessarily share that idea. But now he has gone further and we have hate in the form of jokes. Stephen Colbert does it, Jon Stewart does it, Conan sometimes does it.. although he seems less liberal to me.. But it's hard to tell. As ratings slip I think that these hosts start blaming middle America and they start to hate.
Liberals hate.
Turn off your TV.
Read a book.
Do a puzzle with your kids.
Read the Bible.

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