Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Couple Of Observations...

* Jon and Kate plus 8.. How do I express my righteous anger at these two completely idiotic parents? First off, The show itself should be a violation of the law against exploiting children for money. I feel sorry for everyone of those children who now have little if any chance at a normal life.
Secondly, they have no chance at a normal life because of the disease of greed and instant gratification that their parents are displaying. Get OFF the show and work on your marriage along with your kids! I think that anyone that continues to watch that show and support the ratings of the network needs to reevaluate why they are allowing themselves to watch the train wreck.

* Kim Jong Ill and North Korea have now claimed they are going to launch a missile at American soil. And our Commander In Chief has said barely a word about it. Oh my gosh I miss President Bush! I was so proud the day that President Bush stood on the rubble at ground zero and inspired us all when he basically said we were going to go kick some A**. And he did! And we haven't been touched by even a terrorist sneeze since. And now, it's coming during Obama's four years.. guaranteed!
Obama is a walking disaster of a president.

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