Saturday, May 30, 2009

Slow Miracles

(a rerun)
A big question that Christians face from skeptics and non-believers is: "Do you believe in Miracles?"
I remember back when I used to get into discussions in my younger days I would say yes but I never could really back up what I was saying with proof or modern day examples beyond a few healings and rumors of instant miracles.

But God has opened up the light to me when it comes to the truth about miracles. A slow miracle is no less impressive than an instant miracle. Consider the fact that you are breathing right now without even having to think about it. Is that not a miracle? Is life itself not a baffling miracle?

Consider the advances in medicine. Is God somehow out of the loop when someone is cured of a deadly infection using anti-biotics? His hand provided the wisdom to the chemist who came up with just the right concoction. Plus what about the raw materials that the chemist used to create the medicine...Did God not create the natural things that eventually were mixed together in just the right way to create such a miracle healer?

What about child birth? Babies grow from nothing more than little microscopic beings to 6 feet tall humans who have brains that are advancing technology, education, and medicine beyond what we ever thought was possible. Is somehow God not a part of that??

Miracles are all around us but we have become so egocentric that we believe that we did this ourselves.
When I start to have doubts about the miracles that surround me in this world I remember what the Lord said to Job when he spoke from out of the whirlwind in Chapter 38 starting in
verse 4:
"Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you understand."

And that's all I need to remind myself I am not God and He is. And thank God for that! A slow miracle is no less impressive than an instant miracle.

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