Thursday, May 28, 2009

Observe What's Happening Around You

I have been accused of being too intuitive. Too much of a skeptic. I ask too many questions. And it may be true to some extent. The thought is that as a Christian we walk by faith so we need not question those that God is placing in our lives. Just trust.
But I don't trust. Well let me put it this way, Ronald Reagan called it "Trust but verify." And that's what I tend to do.

But you can learn the truth about people around you, not with just your ears, but with your eyes and ears combined. Listen to what they say, and then observe if they really believe their own words.
If a politician says he is going to reform Washington from all the corruption, and then days later he is accepting money from a lobbyist.. then he is not to be trusted with anything.

And that's where I get in trouble sometimes. If someone lies to me repeatedly then I write them off as a liar and I ignore ALL they say.

If a preacher tells us to live humbly and sacrificially for Christ.. and meanwhile 20/20 is showing us their private plane, mansion, boats, and $300,000 car.. then I will toss everything that preacher says to the wind.

My point is this. Seek out people who you can trust fully, people that maybe put some things before themselves. And pray for those who speak with a forked tongue and live lives opposite of what they preach.

As always, find truth, verify it as truth, and throw your anchor out!

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