Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Personal Manifesto

* Before all else I am a follower of Christ. In other words I believe that there is One God, One Truth, and One Way. No apologies for my belief that He is yours and my only hope for life and freedom.

* I believe in compassionate conservative. Don't wait for any president, congressman, or government official to tell you when and how to help your neighbor. Just help your neighbor. Sacrifice your money, your health, and your time for your neighbor. Your money, your health, and your time is not yours in the first place.

* Truth is real. Find it and plant your flag and your anchor at the same time. But be able to defend it.

* If it's not worth dying for then is it really worth it?

* I'm fully against abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and government-forced socialism. However I believe the best way to stand against those things is to show the other side that the opposite of those things are better. And do that first by living by example. And for every abortion clinic out there we should have 3 pregnancy crisis centers to combat them. Don't try to turn America into Christian utopia.. Just be a Christian utopia to those around you first and foremost. Pray for your enemy. Love your enemy. Instead of casting the first stone.. have pity on them! Be like Stephen.

* War solves LOTS of things, and solves them very well. Don't listen to the neo-hippies that make you believe they are against war because they love humanity. If they loved humanity they'd read their history books and see what war has done to save so many lives. If we hadn't defeated Hitler, Stalin, and Sadaam this world would be a much worse place. Never quit telling yourself that. They don't love humanity, they love liberalism.

* The death penalty solves LOTS of things. People argue that it doesn't deter crime. Wrong.. It does if we actually follow through and allow the death penalty to take place. If I know that when I pull that trigger and take some one's life for personal gain that the government will hang me from my neck until my legs quit kicking... you can bet I will stop and think before I do it. And for my fellow Christians who say that we shouldn't believe in the death penalty... God Commanded it! Genesis 9:6 isn't a suggestion.

* When we become Christians we "abandon ship" on the world. I think our goal should be to convince others that the ship is going down, cause it is.

* Laugh! Don't take your life so seriously. Laugh as much as you can when appropriate!

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