Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Should Be President...

* I'm sick of military votes not being counted. It makes me so very angry. They should be counted first. In fact I believe that if we have an election and you are fighting in an active combat then your vote should count as 3 votes. And I'm not joking about that. We pretend to support the troops but we only give it lip service.

* We should go back to paying the doctor straight up for our medical care. We should have minimal influence by insurance companies and the government. If doctor A is asking too much for surgery or medicine than I take my health care needs to doctor B to try to find the lowest cost and the best payment plan. If doctor B isn't as good a doctor as doctor C, then I pay a little more for doctor C. This is how we lower costs!

* The ACLU should not be allowed to force it's misinterpretation of the constitution onto anyone. Recently they have been getting crosses removed from war memorial sites. They should get only so many petitions allowed per year. They'd use them more wisely if they knew they couldn't sue for every little religious symbol that is bothering nobody. Besides, if a cross is bothering you then maybe you need to search in your own heart as to why such an otherwise harmless symbol is causing you such anger.

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