Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Couple Of Observations...

* Obama is allowing the government to nationalize or take over the auto industry and tell a non-government company how and when to spend it's own money. What makes you think that he won't eventually do this with smaller and smaller companies and organizations? The bailout plan turned into a socialistic take over plan. It's going to be an interesting 4 years as liberalism is shoved down our throats. I may just go to a "tea party" myself before it's all over. They are trying to re-kill Reagan down on capitol hill and they no not what they do.

* Elderly people.. you have to love them! However some of them are getting rude and mean in their old age. I think as the newer generation ages we are going to see a more needy, helpless bunch of old folks that feel they are owed something. Yet the generation that fought WWII is still for the most part very gentle and caring. Kinda sad how ungrateful we all are to be raised in the greatest country in the history of the Universe.

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Evie said...

You might enjoy my comments about spoiled American brats. Drives me CRAZY!! And we all know I don't need anymore crazy for a while.