Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Coming, Just Wait For It...

Socialism is creeping it's way in due to our Commander In Chief who is no longer hiding the fact that he wants to take money from some and give it to others. Money WE earned ourselves.. OUR money! And instead of asking or building voluntary charity programs he is giving it to people who already live like kings compared to most other countries in this world. It's communism 101! Or government enforced mediocrity. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs? Which means probably someday soon we will all be government employees.

And you kiddos who think communism is neat? There are hundreds of millions of dead people who were either starved to death or executed that probably would have disagreed with you.

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Evie said...

I think one of our biggest problems is that many Americans have been off the boat too long. They have gotten too comfortable and haven't been handed down the personal history of their ancestors. They have been handed too much for free.
I came to this country when I was one. My mother was born just after WWII in East Germany. She has so many unbelievable stories. She had a sister who starved to death. She had to eat her pet rabbit. She remembers standing in line for food. Her father was arrested for lying about being communist. My mom and her mother escaped to West Germany when she was 13, lying to the border patrol that they would be visiting her older sister for two weeks in West Germany, and then return. She wore all the clothes she owned, and they simply never went back.
Parents today have never endured these things, and many grandparents who did are not passing down that history to their children or grandchildren. Kids read about it in history books and are so detached it has no affect on them.
My mother was mean, but she taught me a lot. Mostly, to work hard; to give everything your all; to suck it up and keep pressing onward. She never gave anything to me that wasn't earned. And every time I left the faucet running, she reminded me of people who didn't have running water!
America was great when we had a constant flow of new ideas and new peoples coming into our country in search of the American dream. Unfortunately, many descendents of those amazing people have gotten too comfortable and too demanding. And most of it is thanks to our government, who keeps on interfering. Perhaps our government officials need their own history lessons since they seem to have forgotten the things that haven't worked in the past!