Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Is Worthwhile To Liberals?

I recently heard a statement from John Piper that really got me thinking...

"Woe to us if we get our satisfaction from the food in the kitchen and the TV in the den and the sex in the bedroom with an occasional tribute to the cement blocks in the basement! God wills to be displayed and known and loved and cherished and worshiped."

The reason it hit home for me is this.. None of that stuff has ever made me happy. I bask in the warm glow of the TV and I always end up cold and empty. I eat and I always just end up starving again.

What is worthwhile?

Well I can tell you what the modern day liberal, democrat and/or atheist believes. The only thing worthwhile to them is that which can extend your life for one more day and in the meantime bring you as much earthly pleasure as possible.
Why do you think Obama cares supposedly cares so much about health care? We all die whether we are poor or rich. When the government takes over your life then they have the power to prioritize for you instead of you deciding what is worthwhile for yourself.

You can bet that the first line of defense is to take over the public school curriculum, and possibly even private school curriculum. If you can brainwash children early enough into believing that the government knows best how to take care of you then you can essentially build more power for the government and cause it to grow.

So the government then can come in and choose for me. It's about power! And so power and money are essentially what is considered worthy for the liberal/democrat/atheist.

The conservative Christian might say God gave me my clothes and I am thankful to be warm and covered.

The liberal democrat "humanist" would rather say.. I got myself these clothes and I am proud.. But wait, that man over there who is richer than I am has better clothes.. either give me better clothes too or take some of his good clothes away from him.. let's even the field.

What is worthwhile to me is that God has control of my life and provides for me, however bare the essentials might be.

What is worthwhile to a liberal is that what I have is not enough OR that guy has too much.

Obama's vision of what is worthwhile is wrong for America.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Best Country Songs Of All Time

I spent hours taking polls and tallying votes and these are hands down the best country songs of all time...(a rerun)

Honey I love You, Can I Borrow Your Truck? --- George Jones

Buddy, You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth --- Little Jimmy Dickens

Your Eyes, The Stars, And This Bag Of Funyuns --- Charlie Pride

Dang It, My Gold Chain Is Caught In My Chest Hair Again --- Conway Twitty

Before Bed, I Brush My Tooth and Think of You --- Hank Williams

As Soon As I Win The Belching Contest, I'm Takin You Home --- Loretta Lynn

Throw Another Can Of Beef-a-roni On The Fire, We Got Company --- Charlie Rich

Let's Make A Fort Out Of The Couch Cushions Again Darlin --- Trace Adkins

The Tractor Pull Hoedown --- Jimmy Dean

Hee Haw Got Canceled, Let's Riot --- Jon Anderson

I Like The Cut Of Your Jib Mister --- Tammy Wynette

They Closed The Shoney's, Let's Riot --- "Whispering" Bill Anderson

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuff I Still Believe

* Abortion is wrong. However, we should protest in new ways. Stop trying to stand in front of clinics with signs.. That will not do any good. For every abortion clinic or planned parenthood we should open two pregnancy crisis centers. Show Christ's love. Standing there with a pointless sign never changed anybody's mind. Plus to top it all off you look stupid in the process.

* Capitalism is the only way. The government should be tiny. It should work for us. If my neighbor is poor I should help them out because I want to.. not because the government has a gun to my head. Obama's plan for America is government enforced mediocrity. Capitalism levels the playing field so anyone that dreams big enough and works hard enough can do anything they want financially. That IS as American as apple pie. I like that.

* We love to watch things die. TV is death-o-vision these days. We tired ourselves of I Love Lucy reruns. Now we need car chases and armed robberies to thrill us. And the regular car chases are pretty boring.. when someone gets killed at the end, that is truly thrilling. It's just too convenient to watch things get killed from the comfort of our easy chair. And then we wonder why kids who have no loving parents go into shopping malls and shoot everyone they see? Maybe they had exhausted every other thrill. We did that to ourselves.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun Facts

* In college Obama once bravely tried to talk a man from jumping off of a 15 story ledge. But then Obama's teleprompter failed so the guy jumped anyway.

* At my funeral I want people to bat around a beach ball the entire time. You can't leave until you keep it in the air for 5 minutes.

* Long John Silvers is the fish restaurant where the chicken, shrimp, and fish all taste exactly the same and everything is deeply fried. Even my Diet Coke was deep fried.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Need More Love

Crank it up and get down! Gotta love Robert Randolph and The Family Band!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Phil Hendrie Guest Quotes

Yep folks.. It's that time again!

Steve Bosell

We're hoping to get car washes to put up a sign that says, "THIS CAR WASH CAN CAUSE FEAR."

(About Jay Leno) He's a strange man. He's a strange man with strange cars. He'll dri-drive down the street waving at you behind the wheel of a Stanley Steamer. He-he's a-a strange man.

Phil: You see how stupid you sound?
Steve: No, sir, I do not.

Phil: You puttin' me on?
Steve: What did the hat say to the man?
Phil: Are you putting me on?
Steve: Right.

R.C. Collins

Semper Fi!

You can't expose me to the gayability.

I'm psycho, and so are my bros.

When it gets tough, I go to the rifle!

We're ooh-rah. We're ready to fight and die for this country. But first, we want to smoke dope and shoot heroin.

Doug Dannger

I frolicked out of the closet and found my Gay Eye.

If I get my name on a Desperate Housewives show, it says, "Doug Dannger, comma, gay."

I wanna get right up into an insurgeants nest and watch as the bullets seer through their faces... through the back of their heads and through another guys face.

Bud Dickman

Do you think there's a sign where the chickens live that says, "Don't choke the chicken"?

Bobbie Dooley

Are you for real?

If you were here, you wouldn't have any eyes left.

(arguing with a caller) No, you're a liar. Liar. I hate you so deeply.

(referring to her friend's hairy children) Phil, it looked like Playground of the Apes.

Oh, you're sitting there staring at your cheaply manicured nails in your Ford Taurus...

I walked in the back door and saw Amanda, my daughter, with a piece of chocholate cake and shoving it from the palm of her hand into her mouth, and...and I had been outside raking leaves, and i hit her with the rake and knocked it out of her hand and said "How Dare You?" Thats how much I love her. Thats really how much I love her.

And my current favorite...

Hal Levolier

What? My landing gear's still down and my tires are crooked? Ah, screw it, I'm bringing it in anyway.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random 100 songs...

Super-Ultimate Edition!
You know the drill.. Put your Mp3 on random and tell people what plays in order. And you aren't allowed to cheat. Let's find out...

1. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right -- Peter, Paul & Mary
2. Open Me -- Shawn McDonald
3. Landing In London -- 3 Doors Down
4. Tea Pad -- Hayden
5. Five Years -- David Bowie
6. Adagio For Stings -- Samuel Barber
7. Restaurants -- Mitch Hedberg
8. God Speaking -- Ronnie Freeman
9. Belle -- Al Green
10. The Guitar Man -- Bread
11. Night Prowler -- AC/DC
12. Baby Sister[Live] -- Damien Rice
13. Vincent(Starry, Starry Night)[Live] - Don McLean
14. Til There Was You -- The Beatles
15. Rhyme And Reason[Live] -- Dave Matthews Band
16. Days Of Wine And Roses -- Andy Williams
17. Sixteen -- Demon Hunter
18. Matthew -- John Denver
19. Mini Maggit -- Deftones
20. At Last -- Etta James
21. And It Stoned Me -- Van Morrison
22. Fade To Black[Live] -- Metallica
23. Wave Wet Sand -- Ace Of Base
24. Happy -- Mudvayne
25. Jealous Of The Moon -- Nickel Creek
26. Sea To Sea -- Matisyahu
27. Superman(Main Title) -- John Williams
28. May It Be -- Enya
29. Black Dog -- Led Zeppelin
30. Mean Eyed Cat -- Johnny Cash
31. Open Book -- Gnarles Barkley
32. Drop Me In The Middle -- Natasha Bedingfield
33. The Great Eatlon -- James Newton Howard
34. The Place Where Dreams Come True -- James Horner
35. I Wandered By A Brookside -- Eva Cassidy
36. April Come She Will -- Simon & Garfunkle
37. Be Somebody -- 3 Doors Down
38. If You Could Read My Mind -- Don McLean
39. Larry King -- Todd Barry
40. Sliver[Home Demo] -- Nirvana
41. Dust In The Wind[Live] -- Kansas
42. Wash The Day -- TV On The Radio
43. Paranoid Android -- Radiohead
44. The Food[Live] -- Common/Kanye West
45. I Know An Old Lady -- Burl Ives
46. March -- Prokofiev
47. Chemical Party -- Gavin DeGraw
48. Keep On The Sunny Side -- The Whites
49. Can't Complain -- Nickel Creek
50. Charades -- James Newton Howard
51. Alabama Song(Whiskey Bar) -- The Doors
52. The Recipe -- 10 Years
53. Black And White -- Three Dog Night
54. Brace Yourself -- Howie Day
55. You And I(We Can Conquer The World) -- Stevie Wonder
56. Mean Old World -- Sam Cooke
57. For A Bandaged Iris -- Poison The Well
58. Promises -- Eric Clapton
59. All Within My Hands -- Metallica
60. Loser -- Beck
61. Smothered -- Spineshank
62. Troubadour -- George Winston
63. A Thread Of Light -- Demon Hunter
64. What Comes Around -- Beastie Boys
65. Land Of 1000 Dances -- Wilson Picket
66. Mexican Seafood -- Nirvana
67. The Battle Of New Orleans -- Leon Russell
68. Flight 505 -- The Rolling Stones
69. People Of The Sun -- Rage Against The Machine
70. Dig -- Mudvayne
71. Tell Me Why[Live] -- Hayden
72. Guiding Me Home -- Kutless
73. Where Are You Going -- Dave Matthews Band
74. I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More -- Sam Cooke
75. Very -- Moby
76. Ripcord -- Radiohead
77. Another Girl Another Planet -- Blink 182
78. The Rescue(He Brought Me Back) -- The Cross Movement
79. A Bid Farewell -- Killswitch Engage
80. Even In Death -- Evanescence
81. The Dangling Conversation -- Simon & Garfunkle
82. I Need A Beat -- LL Cool J
83. Teething -- Deftones
84. Mr. Zebra -- Tori Amos
85. Make The World Go Away -- John Gary
86. Beautiful Disaster[Live] -- Kelly Clarkson
87. Synthesized I Want You Synthesized -- Joy Electric
88. Think Of Tomorrow -- Chris Isaak
89. Dandelions -- Five Iron Frenzy
90. Addicted -- Kelly Clarkson
91. Nothing Without You -- Bebo Norman
92. Open Your Eyes -- Snow Patrol
93. Don't Get Above Your Raising -- Ricky Skaggs
94. Save Me -- Aretha Franklin
95. Were you There? -- Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers
96. World's Divide -- Flaw
97. Selah -- P.O.D.
98. It's Funny To Everyone But Me -- The Ink Spots
99. The Scarlet Tide -- Alison Krauss
100. I Dare You -- Shinedown

Monday, March 09, 2009

World's Greatest Prank

These two have had a prank war going for years. Check this one out.. it's great!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Technology Rocks!

He bought that at the five and dime store.. Right next to the penny candy!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Reminder: Parents Hug Your Kids Often

And maybe love them and lead them by example first. Or else we get 20 million of this walking our streets...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Fun Facts

* Kids these days! When I was a kid we went bowling and we were terrible but we had fun and we got better over time. Now we give these lazy kids bumpers that cover the gutters so that they don't feel bad. So now they think they got a strike, when in reality they suck.

* Every time I go to Kmart I feel the urge to buy a wrestling T-Shirt. But I should wait because the flea market is coming up this Saturday and I can buy a wrestling T-shirt plus a NASCAR beach towel for the same price!

* Aaron Neville is what a soul singer would sound like if every time he started to sing you started violently tickling him. Also he has what appears to be a melted Kit Kat bar on his face.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jumping In Pools

Go visit Jumping In Pools. This is a smart blog written by a blogger who also is a big Phil Hendrie fan. You will find intelligent, right thinking and also very entertaining articles on Jumping In Pools.. So add it to your daily reading!