Saturday, February 07, 2009

Things I Can Accomplish In The Next 60 Days....

I have 60 days of job hunting and relaxation. Here's what I will finally get done...

* Go in to Wal-Mart and greet people on my own for 24 hours straight while helping myself to grapes and cheese.

* I'm going to finally get around to picking up those kids I adopted last year. I hope someone has been feeding them.

* Complete my collection by purchasing the last 3 seasons of Mama's Family on DVD.

* Change facts around on my Facebook page so that people think I am a Korean War Hero.

* Going to attempt to build a Hawker Business Jet on my own using common household items. Nail clippers and toothpicks mostly.

* Check into Rehab for my Diet Coke addiction and my habit of chewing on paper.

* Attempt to get a cat at the humane society while wearing a bib and holding a fork and a knife.

* Clean up after myself more... or at least train the rats to take out the garbage.

So see I have things going on.

1 comment:

markagarr said...

Some true classics there. However, have you considered leaning over to someone's gas tank filler cap while they're gassing up and ask for a drink?