Friday, January 23, 2009

The 7 Funniest Recent Television Characters

Vote for your favorite or add your own!

Stuart -- Mad TV

Marmaduke -- Carpoolers

Ralph Wiggum -- The Simpsons

Dwight Schrute -- The Office

Buster Bluth -- Arrested Development

The Surrogate -- Arrested Development

Kevin Malone -- The Office

Bob Loblaw -- Arrested Development


markagarr said...

My vote would be between Buster and Kevin. Two great characters

Lauren said...

I enjoy reading blogs and seeing what the world is saying. I really liked reading your blog and I thought it was very informative and funny too


sildenafil said...

haha I vote for Bob Loblaw -- Arrested Development this guy it's very funny, I like how he use the laws. haha
Thanks for sharing, good luck.