Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shamelss Attempt At Promoting Traffic To TLAT

Sometimes you can attract people to your site by coming up with just the right phrase so that when people search on Google it comes popping up and they check it out.

I was talking this over with a friend. We were talking about Barack Obama's scandals. I mean is he really a citizen?? And then the subject changed to Jay Leno's cars, I mean how many does he have, and which kinds?
Suddenly we began to speak of tsunami videos and lists of the top ten funniest movies of all time. I mean the conversation was all over the place.
So then he tells me he watches the show Lost. And he tells me he knows lots of Lost secrets and hints. Also he watches South Park, but I don't, so he kept listing South Park Episodes. Boring!

Finally I got him to shut up by telling him about upcoming movie trailers.

What an odd conversation it was.

And I think that's all...


911 conspiracy theories!

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