Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush Dodges Shoe

President Bush is the man! Watch as he dodges the shoes as if they were nothing. Think about this folks.. He's in a country where militants and terrorists have come to cause havoc with guns, bombs, and death and they would love nothing more than to take him out. So an arab stands up and starts hurling objects at the president. He doesn't just start running. In fact he barely moved. I love the smile on his face as he ducks. It almost looked like he liked it.
Now.. Think about president Clinton or Obama... I can just imagine them running screaming from the room. I know I would be scared.
Check this out...

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markagarr said...

I saw this video this morning on The Early Show and busted out laughing at his little smirk as he dodges the first shoes. It's almost like he's thinking "you've got to be kidding're gonna throw shoes now?"