Saturday, November 29, 2008

10 Terrible Movies

After a weekend of self-subjecting myself to not-so-great acting.. I thought I'd force my opinion on you all...

1. The Happening -- Stupidest plot of any movie I have ever seen.

2. Dumber & Dumberer -- I remember literally considering asking for my money back. It is the worst sequel, or prequel of all time.

3. Mannequin -- Just think about it, and you'll realize how dumb this movie was.

4. Beaches -- First of all, it's Bette Midler. Secondly it's just a really dumb movie.

5. Problem Child -- A child with discipline problems wins over all our hearts.. No, he does not!

6. Look Who's Talking Too -- Baby's talking shouldn't have been the plot for one movie...much less two. Both movies could easily be on this list.

7. Howard The Duck -- I know too many people that will defend this movie as if it were almost watchable.

8. Dirty Dancing/Footloose -- Or any other dance movie ever made.

9. Drumline -- Or any other music battle movie ever made.

10. The Neverending Story -- I think I only hate this movie because we were forced to watch it anytime a teacher was too lazy to teach in elementary school.

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