Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things I Will Do in 2008

  • I will vote for president. I think pretty much the whole lot of them are a bunch of idiots..but I guess I have no choice.

  • I will read my Bible more. I simply need it!

  • I will get sued by the RIAA for reading the liner notes more than once on a CD after I purchased it. You get one time!

  • Get rid of junk in my apartment that I can never use. For instance that Entertainment book from 1998.

  • I will not buy any Michael Buble, U2, Fallout Boy, or Souljah Boy CD's.

  • Eat more fish.

  • Sing more in the shower.

  • Less midget jokes and more albino midget jokes.

  • Try not to lose a limb or one of my digits in a machine accident.

  • Buy less stuff.

  • Write more original stupid material on this blog and post less stupid un original videos. Unless I get lazy.

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