Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Signs The End Is Near

* Britney Spears.

* The price of milk.

* Country music is still popular.

* Hillary's man-do haircut.

* Lots of morons think that our government attacked our own selves on 9/11 using "remote controlled commercial airplanes" and then blamed it on Muslims. As if our government is smart enough to pull that off. And as if we all didn't see what we saw on that day.

* The popularity of Harry Potter. The nation is hung up on a story that should have stopped being interesting after we entered the 2nd grade.

* Go-gurt.

* Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.

* The fact that you almost have to be able to speak Spanish in order to go to Walmart on a Saturday night. precios bajos siempre, siempre.

* When Walmart starts accepting the Peso...we know the end is here.

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