Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fun Facts

* Blogger.com is now asking us to blog for the environment. You know...I'm about half sick of this environment. Somehow it lasted "billions" of years with volcanoes exploding and cow flatulence and dinosaur poop, and then suddenly I peel out a couple of times in my Saturn LS2 and the whole thing goes to pot. I'll blog for the environment when the environment stops being such a wuss.

* Every morning there are still guys standing outside the Jiffy Lube holding signs along the street. And every morning I roll down my window and throw half a can of diet coke and a bagel at them, but they never break character...now that's dedication.

* I heard a rumor that Rene Steven's favorite season is not winter like we all originally thought...but actually shummer. That's just what I heard.

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