Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Christians Calm Yourself!

Leading Christian conservatives are considering voting 3rd party if the republican nominee is not as pro-life enough.

I am fed up with Christians in the U.S. who are willing to die on the pro life hill. I am whole-heartedly against abortion, but I don't think it matters who we have in the White House on this matter. George Bush is completely against abortion, however he has not been able to stop it. He has appointed conservative judges to the Supreme Court yet they vote all over the map.

We cannot win the abortion fight through legislation anymore. The country is divided too much already. If we want to lower the abortion rate then we need to do it at the one-on-one individual level. Where there is an abortion clinic we need to put up pro-life clinic that is bigger. That's how we lower the abortion rate. Forget whether or not a candidate is 100% pro-life...that will not help us.

Voting 3rd party in this election ensures that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. Her pro-abortion stance is the last thing I'm worried about. Her communistic viewpoint far outweighs that. The fact that we will have a woman president far outweighs that as well. The fact that she is a weakling when it comes to protecting us from attack far outweighs her abortion stance.

Let's not vote 3rd party and toss away everything to die on that hill. You know the hill; It's the one that makes us FEEL self-righteous.

Why are Christians still holding out for a Christian utopia on this earth. Yes, the Lord chose to bless this country beyond words. But we have taken that blessing and used it to fool ourselves into thinking that we can legislate away our countries sins. We cannot. We have to get back to the grass roots and dump the Christian coalition mentality. Jesus saved us...James Dobson did not. Dobson is a good man. But he cannot bring revival to the U.S. Trust me, if Billy Graham can no longer do it...Dobson doesn't stand a chance. It's time we abandon ship and bring as many people with us as we can because this world, the U.S. included, is going down. Electing a pro-life candidate will not bring it back. So let's not blow it and hand Hillary the Presidency on a silver platter.

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