Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Few Observations...

* How come none of us can sneeze gracefully? I have nearly given people heart attacks when I sneeze. Others seem to let out this weird squeak. It's messed up.

* I saw a report on current fashion trends and it said that the fanny pack is back in style. Apparently Kansas is way ahead of the curve on this one. How else am I supposed to hold onto my big turkey leg at the state fair if I have my wallet and my cell phone in my hand?

* As a kid I was one of the idiots that believed the rumor that if you had a star on your Tootsie Pop wrapper that you won another free Tootsie Pop. If it's true then the Tootsie Corporation owes me so many free suckers! Apparently this rumor has been around for many years.

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