Wednesday, August 22, 2007

True Stories*

"Are you sure you remembered to pack my nosespray?" I asked my mom for the third time.
We were an hour into the trip and all I could think about was my inflamed nostril canals.
"Yes, I got the industrial size at Sam's..I already told you this!" She said with disdain.
But I didn't care if I annoyed her a little because I wanted this trip to be nothing but pure joy.
My sister and I passed the time drawing lines down the middle seat that we weren't allowed to cross. This prevented us from bugging each other. "Except in the case of an emergency." I was quick to add.

Finally it was time to stop for breakfast. This usually involved a Sausage McMuffin at McDonalds. But this trip was special. So dad took us to Denny's.

As soon as we walked into Denny's I realized the place was packed. They didn't even have a table for the 4 of us to sit at. So we all sat at the lunch counter. Unfortunately at the time they didn't have 4 seats in a row so I sat way down the line by myself.
"What'll you have?" the waitress asked me. "Um, let's see, a bowl of Cheerios and a grapefruit wedge please." I remember saying.
As I put down the menu I realized there was a very tall black man sitting next to me reading the paper. As my eyes focused in, it became clear to me that it was Michael Jordan...Yes, the Michael Jordan!
"WOW, you're Michael Jordan." I said without hesitation.
"I am" he said back.
"So where are you headed?" I asked.
"Look," he said.. "I don't usually talk to fans as a general rule....But, I'm having a pretty good I'm headed to the Detroit Car Show."
I took a deep breath and tapped my leg. "Sweet! I'm headed to the Detroit Car Show!"
"Very cool." he said. "Enjoy your breakfast, nice to meet you." He added. And he got up folded his paper under his arm, left a tip for the waitress and headed out the door.
And all I could do was stare. It was quite an experience.
What were the chances that I run into Michael Jordan at Denny's and we both happen to be headed to a car show in Detroit?

This day was the best day of my young life so far? Or was it?

*That may or may not be true.

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