Sunday, July 22, 2007

This May Sound Stupid

Why isn't ice fishing in the winter olympics?

I have got to start working on some of my invention ideas. That florescent light bulb changer isn't going to invent itself.

Hitler was a jerk!

Why don't people name their sons Huey or Seymore anymore?

I am going back to college very soon. I need to go to walmart and get supplies. Should I get the 64 count box of crayons or will the 16 count do?

I remember that they would make us by watercolor paint for school. And then we would use it only like once a year. What a waste.

I am as manly as they come....but there are some nights that I want to put on a mud mask and a shower cap, get in a bubble bath, read The Notebook and have myself a good cry.

Do you go to walmart because of the savings...or because of the fact that your allowed to wear a tube top and no shoes? I think it's a little of both for me.

Next time I go to the bank to get some cash out of my account and the teller asks me how I would like my cash back....just for fun I'm going to ask for only 50 cent pieces and 2 dollar bills. When she says, "Sir we don't keep 2 dollar bills on the premisis." I'm going to say.."Well then maam, my banking needs aren't being met, are they? So if you don't mind, I'll be cashing my checks at Dillion's from now on." I'll then say "yoink" when I grab my check back and then I will skip out of the bank. Probably I won't do any of that...but a guy can dream can't he?

When I was a kid I always wanted a pet monkey....even after I learned that they throw their own poo.

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