Sunday, August 12, 2007

This May Sound Stupid -- Final Edition!

The silver tentacles of the moon’s rays caught me
The deathly silence of the mountains chill me to the bone
And the skeletons of Quinto call me home

I've decided that if I ever really do get a turtle I'm either going to name him Box Car Willie or Jimmy.

My favorite episodes of Leave It To Beaver are the ones where Beaver really bugged Wally on account of he was giving him the business.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am seriously considering slapping on a tube top and a pair of cut off jean shorts and heading down to the River Festival. Anyone in?

I start a new job on June 5th. I will no longer have to clean up the filth that builds up behind toilets. Now I will be cleaning the filth that builds up in people's vacuum cleaners.

I wish it were still socially acceptable for me to make a fort out of the couch cushions and play with Transformers.

I am so glad I decided not to join the PGA. I couldn't stand the politics of it all.

If I had one piece of advice to give to this year's graduating seniors it would be this: Be sure to remember to follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park listening to the wind of change.

I think we ought to support our senior citizens as much as possible. If ever I have an elderly person living with me, I will make sure that the house is quiet during Matlock. Plus it's awesome because you always know when a storm is coming because grandpa's knee starts acting up. "My knee is really aching, this one's gonna be a big un"

If we ever got into a war with Canada where would the draft dodgers run to?

Finally they are all transferred!
It's mercifully over!
I'm running out of stupid quotes!

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Anonymous said...

Love the quotes. Keep em coming.