Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sacrificing Self: The Multi-Ethnic Church and the Mandate of the Gospel

I urge anyone to listen to this sermon by a pastor named Michael Campbell. It's from one of John Piper's Desiring God Conferences..


"American churches are culturally enslaved"


Anonymous said...

The comments from the previous post left something out: JESUS.

He has a lot to say about this..particularly Luke 14:12-24

Churches that move from poorer locations in order to target and appeal to the well-off, better educated, usually and predominantly "white" crowd will receive their reward by having these people attend their churches. Those who go to the down and out in the "ghetto/barrio/etc" will get the bigger and better reward in Heaven...To those who run away from the dregs of society, I say, "Enjoy those benefits now...but remember, there are better gifts to be received in eternity..."

Jesus said to sow carelessly, spill your seed {the gospel} all over the place, even the hard rocky places and watch God cause it to grow unexpectedly 30,60,100-fold {Mark chapter 4}

God will take away what you don't use, but if you lay your life down for the neighborhood where your church is located and don't move out because you think its too hard and difficult, if you stay and minister in the hard places, then God will give you more ministry opportunities and you will see the gospel spread, regardless if you think you can't reach those people because of the color of your skin. If you don't use what He has given you...then it might all be taken away {Mark 4:24-25}.

karla said...

Aaron, Anonymous, and/or whoever else,

It's not that I think the churches should MOVE out of a neighborhood because it's "too hard and difficult" or even that churches SHOULDN'T be built in these places....

I was only asking how do they survive?

Who has the money to pay for them to be built, or maintained, or operated? Fine... send the rich people in to support them. But then... who supports the rich people's churches?

I don't think what I am saying has anything to do with what is RIGHT and WRONG or what SHOULD and SHOULDN'T be... the only thing I was trying to ask is.... where does the money come from?

A CHURCH is a structure. I'm sorry, but you can't ignore even simple facts like this!

NEWEST SOLUTION: Every person sends in the money they are going to "tithe" to a central bank. Churches will be built in EVERY possible location, and the money is dispersed equally.

PS - there will be no future comments from me on topics like this. No worries about that.