Tuesday, May 08, 2007


There are lots of dumb animals out there in this world. In my book Squirrels are somewhere near the top. These animals have free run of the city. They can go in any tree they want. They can cross electrical lines with ease like little circus performers. They have open fields to frolic about, and as far as I can tell they have very few enemies.
Yet, you look in the street and it looks like a war zone. How dumb is it that? They can go anywhere in the city they choose but half the time they can't avoid the most glaringly obvious dangerous area. The street looks like a big plate filled with squirrel pancakes. You'd think that the older squirrels would warn the younger squirrels of the danger of the gray flat surface area where big machines travel at high rates of speed.
I don't avoid them anymore. I used to slam on my brakes and half kill everyone in the car trying to avoid them. Not anymore. I accelerate now. Survival of the fittest!


karla said...

To date, I have killed way more rabbits than any other animal. Pheasants and deer are my second top kill. Why are YOU singling out the squirrels?

karla said...

I, on the other hand, SLAM on my brakes or do other silly things to avoid ANY animal. Major points deducted for that in driver's education.

mark said...

But would you swerve for a turtle?

Steve said...

yes, you would. Turtles are very hard, and could damage your car.

karla said...

haha. good point.

however... hard animal, damage to car - irrelevant... I would swerve for anything.

karla said...

So.. 24 hours later, I realize Mark and Steve do not know me, and they are posting on AARON's blog, which would therefore make them be commenting TO AARON! Oops, Sorry! My mistake.