Monday, April 23, 2007

Poker: The Dumbest Trend

Right now so many people are into the trend of poker. I cannot tell you how annoying this is. It's all over television right now. You turn on the tube and you have championship after championship of poker. That's right, you have people with sunglasses sitting around, you have cards with numbers, you have poker chips...put them all together and you have probably the worst, most boring television ever to be shown.
I hate it. I'd rather watch grass grow or paint dry.
Well... My friend Jeff brought up something I thought was interesting. He said, "Why not Monopoly?" And he's right. I'd much rather watch people play Monopoly. There is still strategy involved, you can still use real money, and you just have more opportunities for excitement.
And if not Monopoly, why not Uno? Well guess what, these guys beat everyone to it...

Championship Uno....Deal me in!


karla said...

I don't think Poker is a game of strategy. Chess is a game of strategy.

karla said...

and Checkers... That's a game of strategy as well.

I'm sorry, but there is no way to control the cards you get dealt in Poker (or Uno). With Monopoly, if you never roll LUCKY enough to land on Park Place or Boardwalk (or if you are UNLUCKY enough to always/only land on them with someone else has built apartment buildings on them), do you even have a chance of really hurting someone else's cashbox? SERIOUSLY!

The fascination with Poker seems to be the MONEY involved. People bet on basketball and they throw out a $10 buy in for Poker. America loves to gamble.

karla said...

...and I love America.

karla said...

okay... so this is hilarious! for that, you win.