Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Pet Peeves

Well It's happened. I thought that everything that could annoy me had already happened to me at least once. But some new things have cropped up...

1. People that call vacuum cleaners.."sweepers". It's mostly elderly people that call them sweepers, but I don't care who it is. It's like nails on a chalk board to me. It's not a sweeper. A sweeper doesn't pick up dirt. A sweeper pushes dirt around into piles so that a dust pan or some other object can then pick it up.

2. People that call disposable vacuum cleaner bags.."filters". Vacuum cleaner bags catch the dirt so that you can toss it all in the trash. True, most vacuum bags DO filter the dirt. But that's secondary to its purpose. That's like calling a car an "air conditioner" because it has one.

3. People that participate in wine tasting. 75% of the people I know that choose wine as a hobby have major insecurity problems. Not just because they taste the wine, but because they drone on and on about this wine's bouquet or that wine's taste. Something inside of them thinks that others are impressed by their opinion of a beverage. Sniffing the cork makes you look like a dork.

4. People who write lists of pet peeves.


karla said...

I call them sweepers.

karla said...

Has your unliking for the interchage of the words "sweepers" and "vacuums" always exhisted? Or only since June 2006?