Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Human Tragedy

I'm not going to say much about the Virginia Tech situation. I feel so bad for those who lost someone or know of someone that was lost or injured.
I do know that this had nothing to do with gun control. America is past the point of no return on the gun situation. We have to be able to arm ourselves because of outcasts like this kid who felt he had nothing to lose. Someone that desperate is going to cause havoc WITH a gun. What do you think would happen?? You think someone who is contemplating mass murder is going to find it immoral to obtain a gun illegally. If we outlaw guns I guarantee you that guns will be just as easy as ever to obtain.
I feel bad for the leadership of the school because, you guessed it, the drive-by media is already pointing fingers at how the president of the school handled it. Listen up liberal wackos...Not every tragedy has a way of being predicted before hand..This world is evil, and sometimes evil finds a way to pass by gun laws, school closures, and preventative measures.

May God be glorified in this dark situation. The light on the other side of the storm will be so much brighter than before. Pray hard everyone!

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