Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fun Facts

* Wasps hate getting punched in the face, however they love getting punched in the stinger because it saves them the energy of having to sting you themselves.

* Denny's is hiring cooks. You must provide your own aprons and income. Denny's will supply the rest.

* Most people who freeze to death on Mt. Everest do so on the way back down. Not me! I would just tuck into a little ball and roll all the way down. I'd be down the mountain in like 30 seconds. And while the rest of my group is huddling together on the side of a cliff for warmth, I'd be back at the lodge playing Phase 10 with some Tibetan guy.

* The spaghetti basket at KFC is so delicious. It's not on the menu, you have to ask for it.

1 comment:

karla said...

i am SO good at phase 10.