Friday, April 13, 2007

Europeans And Their Music

I downloaded a full CD of what was described to be the best of the charts music from a bunch of different genres. It's all recent hits. And I figured out after I downloaded that the lengthy CD is actually from Europe, and is based on their charts.
Here's what I learned..
Europeans have horrible taste in music. Those people have some of the dumbest techno music topping their charts. Remember when the "Crazy Frog" song topped their charts? Well after listening to this CD I found out their taste in dumb mindless techno music knows no bounds.
Techno music is pretty mindless. Any person with half a brain can get a computer program that mixes beats and samples and make a CD that would be at the top of the charts in most European countries.
Actually you can scratch Sweden from that list because they listen to mostly death metal. Kind of scary.

The moral of this tale is... Be glad you live in the melting pot of music. Our charts are filled with a lot of silly music too... But you can get in your car and travel to New Orleans, or Memphis, or Compton, or Branson and get so much variety that your head will explode. Over in England and surrounding countries you either get Coldplay or Abba...and not much in between.
This has been TLAT's stereotype post of the day. Thank you for wasting your time reading this!


karla said...

Sample songs are available so you don't waste time downloading ENTIRE cds that you might hate.

mark said...

karla makes a good point...but those europeans are always being so tricky....