Thursday, January 18, 2007

Favorite Quotes From The Phil Hendrie Show

I know nobody really cares about my obsession with the funniest radio show ever(R.I.P.). But it's my blog. I started it and I'll kill it.

"Guest" quotes...

Lloyd Bonafide

Ma'am while you we're all cozy in your home during the Korean conflict I was up to my neck in Moe Howard haircuts.

Buddy, you put your hands on me and you'll pull back two bloody stumps.

What's this Canadian doin' on the phone, okay, they haven't launched anything higher than a balloon.

You try to tailgate me on black ice, and the only charred remains they'll find that day will have a pith helmet on top of it.

I'll just let this beach bum here know: he ever grabs a phone out of my hands and he'll come back with just a wrist. No hand, just a wrist.

Steve Bosell

Sir, I have to admonish you: if you call me a crybaby again I can sue you.

She has not won a case yet for me and we've sued, probably, in the last three years... several hundred people, but this one-- gosh, I feel so good about it.

R.C. Collins

When I go to Iraq I'll be a one-man killing machine.

This girl sounds like her tubes are tying themselves together.

Jeff Dowder

You may not believe it, but I got a certified I.Q. of 175.

Chinamen are really good at ping pong because of their horizontal sight, they see the whole net.

Lettuce gives itself over willingly to the sandwich.

Vernon Dozier

If you were in my class I'd put you in the corner for sounding like Porky Ding-dang Pig.

All you need, Jim, is the courage to say to her, "Get in there a make me some bean dip!"

Larry Grover

You are scum... I'll see you soon. I'll see you-- you've got a fight comin', it's comin' today.

David G. Hall

Every time you open your mouth you sink into a bigger swamp of dumb.

Now you wanna shank me in the back, huh? Old fashioned jail style. Shiv me out in the yard, right underneath the goal.

Do you know what it looks like when a child has to hopscotch without leg braces…just crawling from square to square?

It looks like someone set her face on fire and put it out with a track shoe.


Thriller Jesus said...

"... I gotta good feeling about this one" is the quintessential Bosell quote.

Anonymous said...

Vernon Dozier:

"messing with a NASCAR fan is like messing with a Bakersfield Chimp."

"Any of you boogies got a light?"

Aaroncoal said...

I forgot about the million times Phil quotes from the movie Silence Of The Lambs..

"You know what you like with your bad look like a rube.."

the hayseed said...

hey there - if you're a Phil fan - i produce a show called Phil Hendrie By Demand every saturday from 6-10 pm EST on - you can listen via live streaming....i play stuff dating all the way back to 1991...


Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I think you will find there are more Phil Hendrie freaks out here than you think. I stream phil hendrie shows 247 with no interruptions. Here is my url. Cheers- BOBABOOIE

Anonymous said...

David G Hall said:

"If you don't believe that I killed that kid, then you can go straight to hell"

Rane said...

hey, where can i stream Phil these days? My KBLO 1 & 2 aren't working anymore, and 24 hour Bababooie only works sometimes!!!

I need my Phil!!!

Rane from Kings of Jupiter

R.A.W. said...

Phil was once great when he did comedy and is now doing a show that is too political and just a shadow of the show it used to be.
I used to tape the old phil hendrie shows years back when the show really was the best on the air.
Now hes trying to do a mainstream political show which is not only a mistake but a waste of his talent.
I listened to the replay of his how last night when he was covering bush's farwell speech and talikng about whats legal and not legal to do to Al-Queda prisoners according to the geneva convention.

What people like phil dont want to understand or discuss is not that we are torturing "members of al queda" but the real problem is our government has held many innocent people for in prison for sometimes 5 years at a time because these people were denied any kind of due process that would separate the innocent from the guilty.

I also heard this on NPR some years back with some testimony from those who have been held and some from the american military.
The whole real reason for torture is to get a false confession out of an innocent person so it doesnt look like weve been holding on to innocent people for 4 of 5 years.
so the idea is to get these people to admit to something so that we dont look bad as a country.

this is why our government considers it so important to order our military to do it.

Phil either is a moral coward who does not care if our country is torturing false confessions from innocent people or his brain has been washed by watching one too many episodes of 24.

he either doesnt know what he is talking about or doesnt care about what is right.

his show used to be smart and funny years ago, but now he is just doing a typical political show that is not changing anybody's mind and people who actually understand the real issues are turning the show off because he sounds just as mindless as any of the other right wing garbage.

I used to love Phils show, it was the best, but I have to tell the truth - the mans radio show is done.`

he should either go back to comedy or quit radio altogether.

sorry Phil, somebody's got to tell it like it is.

thecorn said...

I lost my mud was Bobby Dooleys best line.