Friday, September 08, 2006

My All-Time Favorite Country Songs...

These are hands down the best country songs of all time...

Honey I love You, Can I Borrow Your Truck? --- George Jones

Buddy, You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth --- Little Jimmy Dickens

Your Eyes, The Stars, And This Bag Of Funyuns --- Charlie Pride

Dang It, My Gold Chain Is Caught In My Chest Hair Again --- Conway Twitty

Before Bed, I Brush My Tooth and Think of You --- Hank Williams

As Soon As I Win The Belching Contest, I'm Takin You Home --- Loretta Lynn

Throw Another Can Of Beef-a-roni On The Fire, We Got Company --- Charlie Rich

Let's Make A Fort Out Of The Couch Cushions Again Darlin --- Trace Adkins

The Tractor Pull Hoedown --- Jimmy Dean

Hee Haw Got Canceled, Let's Riot --- Jon Anderson

I Like The Cut Of Your Jib Mister --- Tammy Wynette

They Closed The Shoney's, Let's Riot --- Jon Anderson

This is just part one of my list of the all time greatest country songs. This list is definitive. I tell ya, I'd love to have these all on one compact disc!

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