Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun Facts

* People have been known to do a humorous stereotypical impression of Asian people by pulling their eyes on the sides to make them appear thin. But when we're all driving in our cars and the sun is glaring in our eyes the Asian is the only one not having to reach and pull down that sun shade. Who's laughing now?

* I am convinced that when you place your order at Long John Silvers all they do is reach into a big vat of grease and pull out whatever it is they can grab with the tongs. The fish, shrimp, and chicken all taste exactly the same.

* I ate a dingo's baby.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Me Not Rocking

This is my test video. When I get my new camera working it should be much better quality. Until then enjoy the soothing, "non-rocking" stylings of the TLAT band...

Exciting New Stuff Happening at TLAT

Get ready. My three loyal readers deserve the best. So coming soon to TLAT will be videos for you to watch. Not videos of other people. But videos of me, your amateur blogger and possibly videos of my friends and family. Maybe. We'll see. I'm working on it. Should be fun if I can make it work. Fun for me at least, and that's all that matters!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Google Creates The Online Word Processor

Goggle has done it again. First they fine tune their search engine and make it the best way to navigate the web. Then they create a tool box of useful programs that change the way we use the internet (Google Maps, Gmail, Google Earth, etc...) And now they will change the way we write term papers and create documents. That's right... It's the new and exciting writely. It's nothing more than an online word processor where you can write your documents and then store them online or on your hard drive and retrieve them anywhere from any computer in the world. You can even upload current Word documents into the program. Best of all, as always, it's free. So go try it people!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Q & A With TLAT

Q: Hey, I sent you those glasses. Have you tried them on? Do they fit?

A: Do they fit?? See for yourself...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fun Facts

* Apparently all you need to be a judge on a daytime reality courtroom show is a past where you were in a gang or a Latin temper. Also you have to be able to have witty banter with an actor posing as a balif.

* I would watch daytime court shows if the cases were for murder. Watching a guys life hang in the balance of whether Judge Judy is ready to rule. "Alright Mr. serial murderer, Don't pee on my leg and tell me that it's raining."

* I made the mistake of getting crazy with ese, I did this completely unaware that he was loco.

* I think Walmart lube and tire center just sticks regular employees out there working on peoples cars. I think they get a schedule and they are either in sporting goods that night or tire and lube. I say this cause I swear I thought I saw one of the mechanics checking to see if the electric lock fluid was low on a car.

* What are dingos, and why do they love the taste of babies?

Friday, September 08, 2006

My All-Time Favorite Country Songs...

These are hands down the best country songs of all time...

Honey I love You, Can I Borrow Your Truck? --- George Jones

Buddy, You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth --- Little Jimmy Dickens

Your Eyes, The Stars, And This Bag Of Funyuns --- Charlie Pride

Dang It, My Gold Chain Is Caught In My Chest Hair Again --- Conway Twitty

Before Bed, I Brush My Tooth and Think of You --- Hank Williams

As Soon As I Win The Belching Contest, I'm Takin You Home --- Loretta Lynn

Throw Another Can Of Beef-a-roni On The Fire, We Got Company --- Charlie Rich

Let's Make A Fort Out Of The Couch Cushions Again Darlin --- Trace Adkins

The Tractor Pull Hoedown --- Jimmy Dean

Hee Haw Got Canceled, Let's Riot --- Jon Anderson

I Like The Cut Of Your Jib Mister --- Tammy Wynette

They Closed The Shoney's, Let's Riot --- Jon Anderson

This is just part one of my list of the all time greatest country songs. This list is definitive. I tell ya, I'd love to have these all on one compact disc!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Recent Albums I Can't Get Enough Of....

This CD has not come out of my CD player in months. I listen to it almost every day. It is crazy good. The time signatures, the guitar work, and the drumming combined with Maynard's pure sounding high tenor voice make for a great sound. This album is unbelievable.

Greatest voice I've heard in a long time. This dude has got soul. This album is way more mellow than the last one but that's not a bad thing. Go buy this one today!

Unique. It's like they made their own sound.

Oh man! Loud screaming, great Christian lyrics. Good album!

I've been obsessed with He Is Legend for a year now at least. Their lead singer looks like a homeless guy. In concert the two guitarists and the bassist do this weird synchronized head bang thing. They often stop songs and do Stone Temple Pilot covers during concerts. I love it. This album rocks!

Friday, September 01, 2006

More Of My Curiosity About Midgets

Ok, so genetics allows for two regular sized people to give birth to a midget, the chances are slim, but it happens. And two midgets can give birth to a regular sized person but the chances are 50/50 that it'll be a little person also. And if a little person and a regular size person get together then it's a 25% chance of having a midget. It's all so fascinating and confusing at the same time. There has to be other combinations out there. I've heard that if a midget and a clown get together then there is a 45% chance that their child will be Richard Simmons.

I hope I haven't offended any little people out there. My aim is to raise awareness of the fact that little people are more than just extras in the Wizard Of Oz, they are people too....only...just smaller.