Sunday, July 09, 2006

This May Sound Stupid VII

* I dreamed again last night that I was king of the mushroom people. Can someone interpret the dream for me please?

* Today is lawn salad day! I'm thinking of having some chicken already sitting my mouth while I mow, that way I have a chicken ranch salad in every bite.

* Wendy's classic tripple has 48 square inches of beef. That's insane. I like it. It's like a meat carpet if you put it all together.

* Yesterday when I was finally mowing the lawn at church, a huge wasp came flying over my head and then landed on my shoulder while I was riding on the mower. Of course I did what any man secure in his masculinity would do...I stopped the mower and jumped off and just started running and flailing my arms. It was not one of my finer moments....I have a feeling the wasp is still laughing about it with his friends...."Hey, you should have seen what I made this idiot on a mower do today...I love being a wasp!"

* Now I have text messaging on my phone. I hate it! I am the biggest sell out ever! ...Coming soon...."Aaron Rocks" T-shirts...Any takers?

* Would you rather eat a pie filled with sand or an entire box of Bic pens?

Cmon now, don't dodge the question!

* I wonder if when the astronauts go on a space walk to repair the shuttle if they bring a bag lunch out there with them. I mean they probably can't just come back in the shuttle to have lunch. I bet the most frustrating thing has to be when they open their Lunchables and half the crackers just go floating out into space. Come back little cracker!

* You put on two pair of pants!

* Is it wrong to go outside to get the mail while wearing a shower cap and a hanes v-neck t-shirt?

* I came up with an idea, a milk despenser in the shower. I get to eat my cereal and take my shower at the same time! Man, I am on fire this month with invention ideas!

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